The URL Shortener to Increase Ad Conversion

Having traffics with low sales? Paying ad but with low conversion? SocialPort helps you to serve retargeting ads to audience who clicked on a link.

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Add Facebook Pixel to any page

If you have too few customer data, your ad can hardly hit your target market.

SocialPort can include pixel code to any page, even the page belongs to a 3rd party. Therefore, you can build up your custom audience before wasting ad budget on Facebook.

Imagine you are selling niche products like food, musical instruments, you can share recipes or tutorial videos on Youtube with our socialLinks. When visitors click the links, they will be targeted by Facebook.

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Easily customize Facebook / Twitter link preview. No coding involved.

Our socialLinks already include the social meta tags to be read by Facebook / Twitter.

Just fill in the form. Upload or Input the image URL. A short link will be generated for sharing and here you go.

Store your SocialLinks. Track clicks.

Your socialLinks will be stored in our member portal. The links can be edited anytime. The clicks will be recorded in our database.

  • Manage your social campaigns
  • Update Facebook link preview
  • Check link clicks

Why should you use SocialPort?

Whether you are Online Store Owners, Publishers or Social Media Managers, we can help you to solve your painpoints:

More than a short URL

A short URL is just for website redirection. We offer more functions for social media marketing.

Boost Ad Conversion Rate

If you are spending your ad budget with a low conversion, why not try retargeting in a smarter way?

Easy to Use

No coding is needed. You no longer need to wait for your IT team to change website coding for you.

and More is coming!

We are planning more useful features for you. Please feel free to submit feature requests.

Pricing Table

Our pricing plans are based on the number of your link visitors. No credit card is required for free trial.



  • 10,000 page views / m
  • Support Facebook Pixel
  • Image Upload
  • Link will be effective during subscription period
  • Up to 100 links stored
  • Updatable links
  • Link Report

  • Email Support
14 days Free Trial



  • 30,000 page views / m
  • Support Facebook Pixel
  • Image Upload
  • Link will be effective during subscription period
  • Up to 300 links stored
  • Updatable links
  • Link Report
  • 3 custom domains
  • Email Support
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  • 100,000 page views / m
  • Support Facebook Pixel
  • Image Upload
  • Link will be effective during subscription period
  • Unlimited links stored
  • Updatable links
  • Link Report
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • Email Support
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"Hey, I have a question for you!"

What is SocialPort?

SocialPort is a simple web app to customize your Facebook / Twitter link preview. No coding is required!

Is there a free forever plan?

The link editor was free for use before. But the quality of links is getting worse (such as link baits). In order to ensure stable service, we need to enforce stronger control on user content.

Can I use my custom domains?

For paid plans under development, we are planning to automate DNS setup to configure custom domains.

How can I purchase paid plans?

You can purchase Basic plan now. Just press "Sign Up" button and you can enjoy 14 days free trial. No credit card is required.

I want to raise a feature request. Can I do so?

Please submit your feature requests via You can also check our Knowledge Base before submitting support request.

How it works?

a. Collect the content relevant with your niche.
b. Fill in the form with your share info. Click Submit.
c. Get the generated short link.
d. Copy and Share on Facebook, Twitter or wherever you want.

How long will you keep the link?

For free trial, your links and images will be deleted after trial period. For paid plans, we will keep it as long as the subscription is effective.

Can I store the link in a web portal?

For all paid plans, we will provide a web portal. You can check our demo video to understand more.

Does SocialPort accept any websites?

No, we don't accept any websites and service abuse will be strictly prohibited. Please refer to our FAQ for more info.

Who are you?

Our company is called SillyCube Technology Ltd. Since 2009 we have been providing mobile apps and website development in Hong Kong.

How can I contact you?

Please contact us via We would be happy to hear from you!

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